Saturday, August 3, 2013


This week I had some time to visit the antique stores along Union in Pueblo, Colorado.  I found a set of 6 linen napkins in 3 different sizes which match my Rosebud Bouquet China. They are cross stitched on each corner. Can you imagine this work?  I washed them up and ironed them for the table to match my USA Rosebud China from  the 1950's. 

I also decided to keep this English Cup and Saucer because I loved the many roses and shape of the cup.  (Crown Staffordshire) 

When I see this detail handwork,
I realize  that would not be done
by me.  I like short term projects.

I can appreciate the hand work
 that embroidery
presents to us too.

Do you do some type of
hand needle work?

The other item I thought was cute was the 50's pink swan!  I couldn't resist him - or her?  She looks sweet as a baby with my white swan.
I hope your weekend is delightful!


  1. Bernideen, I have been a fan of your blog for a long time. Thank you so much for kind comments on my blog, thanks for the visit! You and I share a love for everything "Tea". :-) I so enjoy your pictures and your post! Thanks again for visiting my blog.

  2. Hi Bernideen,
    I love your table setting. That dinner set is so very pretty and I would have kept that teacup too. Rosebuds and roses are my favourite and look beautiful on china. The cross stitched napkins are perfect! Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend too! Take care,

  3. Hi Bernideen,
    I am on a quick blog visit round, and so I looked up here. The new napins are so sweet. They are a great addition to your lovely china. I hope, I will have soon tea posts again to share.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  4. Those rosebud napkins are very sweet.

  5. The rosebud napkins are lovely and will complement many teacups with roses on them. I like the shape of the teacup you're keeping too.

  6. Bernideen, I love the napkins. Perfect with your dishes! The pink swan is lovely. You set a gorgeous table my friend!

  7. The little rosebuds are just sweet.
    They do look lovely with your accessories and beautiful teacup.

  8. Such great finds! Those napkins are just perfect with you china, and that new cup and saucer is worth keeping.

  9. Those napkins are just the cutest and look so lovely with the china. I also love that white mirror on the wall! Gorgeous!

  10. Weekend has been quite delightful! Fancy tea cups, with loose tea and all! Made especially sweet with the honey from the local honey bee farm down the street! Yes, nothing could be finer! Your settings are beautiful!

    Aloha from New York State...

  11. What a beautiful table setting! Your new napkins are charming, and that teacup -- love its shape and all the roses!

  12. Lovely linen napkins! I love the shape of that teacup. Everything looks beautiful!

  13. I just love, love, love your home Bernideen!!! The tablescape is so pretty and it has everything I adore!
    many hugs...

  14. I'm in pink heaven looking at your post, dear Bernideen! You have the prettiest things!


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