Wednesday, July 6, 2016


On Tuesday my husband and I drove over to
Blackwater, Missouri to visit this charming little
town.  It was not my first visit but I knew that
one of the shops was having a sale and wanted
to check out a red transfer ware teapot
that I had seen there before in January.

Unfortunately, most of the shops were closed because
some only open on the weekends and Monday
being the 4th - they had been open the day before.

Yesterday I did a post on the little sweet garden in the
center of town which I called a "Secret Garden":

On Friday, I will be sharing my purchases from
 the shop below known as "Blackwater Treasures".
She is having a sale!  We ate in a cafe 2 doors down
and the owners kids served us the food.  It was good!

The towns in the area are all part of what is referred to
as the "Boonslick" region.
Tomorrow I will share about 
the historic town of  "Arrow Rock".


  1. It's so nice that you and your hubby are enjoying retirement, Bernideen. I loved seeing the pics from your secret garden post, too, and I'm looking forward to seeing your purchases from your shopping.

  2. I love going to shop in little towns, but like you said some of these are only open Thursday -Saturday and maybe Sunday. I love red transfer ware!

  3. Is Mrs. Mersey still baking pies?

  4. Looks like a great little town to poke around in!

  5. So glad that you found a shop open and that, most importantly, you found an eatery open. LOL. Looking forward to seeing what you found for treasures in this charming little town.

  6. Love seeing and hearing of the historic towns in your part of the world.

  7. I wonder if you would mind showing a list of interesting towns in your area of Missouri? They all look so interesting. We are going to do a road trip down thru Missouri next time we're traveling through.


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